Service Learning Network

Workshops and panel at the Service Learning Conference

The Service-Learning Conference had 7 workshops  and one plenary discussion with international facilitators and panelists. The workshops  included these topics:
1. “How to do Service-Learning in Youth Organizations” led by Hatixhe Zeka and Leonita Bajra, TOKA, Kosovo. 

  1. “Tools for hybrid Service-Learning practices” led by Candelaria Ferrara and Maria Rosa Tapia, CLAYSS, Argentina. 
  2. “How to …? – How to develop deep learning and metacognition in the Service-Learning practices” led by Selma Teparić, MIOS, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  3. “Service-Learning and Faith” led by Florentina Maria Gisha, Chesterfield School, Romania. 
  4. “Public policy forum about Service-Learning” led by Luz Avruj, CLAYSS, Argentina. 
  5. “Winning practices of the Regional Service-Learning Awards 2020 and 2021 and practices of schools from the Service-Learning Network of Central and Eastern Europe“ led by Maja Okanović, MIOS, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
  6. “Service in the practice of Service-Learning: a higher level of meaningful service that contributes to social impact in the community“ led by Bojana Perić Prkosovački, Kolping Srbija, Serbia.

Then, in the plenary session, the panelists discussed the community of Service-Learning practitioners and its evolution. This topic was discussed in depth by the participating panelists:

Luz Avruj from CLAYSS, Argentina
Jehona Gjurgjeala Director of TOKA from Kosovo

This panel was moderated by Edina Malkic, Director of the International Association of Open Schools (MIOS) from Bosnia and Herzegovina