Service Learning Network

Webinar: The essence of Service-Learning is … or what students tell us adults need to know about the Service-Learning experience

The first event that was held within the 5th week of Service-Learning, was the webinar with the topic: “The essence of Service-Learning is … or what students tell us that adults should know about experience in Service-Learning practices” on 22nd June 2022.

This webinar brought together youth from Romania, Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who previously have had the opportunity to implement and experientially learn through Service-Learning practices. During the webinar, which was organized through the Zoom application, youth had the opportunity to share their experiences in Service-Learning practices so far and then presented how they applied their strengths through Service-Learning. 

This was followed by an exchange of experiences about aspects and views of the local community by youth, about what it means for them to work together for the benefit of the local community and what they think is their role in the community.

In the final round of the webinar, participants shared their ideas and vision of what they would do through Service-Learning practice, if they had one million dollars at their disposal.