Service Learning Network

The Regional Service-Learning Conference In Prizren, Kosovo, December 10, 2021

TOKA together with partners from Argentina, Romania, Slovakia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized for the first time in Kosovo, the Regional Service-Learning Conference, on December 10, 2021 in Prizren.

The aim of the conference was to promote “Service-Learning” in Central and Eastern Europe, as a proven innovative methodology of teaching and learning, as well as to serve for the exchange of good experiences between participants.

The conference gathered about 150 participants from all the below mentioned countries as well as partners and various stakeholders from the education sector. It officially began with an opening speech by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, ms. Arbërie Nagavci.

During the conference two panels, and two workshops were held that addressed topics related to Service Learning. During the plenary sessions, the panelists discussed why Service-Learning is needed in current and future trends in education – with a focus on how to best prepare young people for 21st century society and the workplace. In the second block, the panelists discussed the topic “Service-Learning pedagogy as in-depth in-service teacher professional development”.

During the workshops, the topics were “What is Service-Learning in COVID-19 context”, “Why the students participation in the Service-Learning practices is crucial” and what are the first steps a teacher can take when they want to start SL practice in classrooms.

This was followed by the Regional Service-Learning Award ceremony during which the winners were awarded prizes for the first three places and the finalists certificates.

With the announcement of the next call for regional awards, the conference ended successfully.