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Elevate Your Teaching: A Comprehensive Guide for Educators

What’s Inside?

This practical guide goes beyond theory, offering actionable steps to implement Service-Learning
methodology. Explore its pages for a comprehensive understanding, regardless of your level of


For those who prefer to download the toolkit in Albanian, you can access it [HERE].
For those who prefer to download the toolkit in Bosnian, you can access it [HERE].
For those who prefer to download the toolkit in Montenegrin, you can access it [HERE].
For those who prefer to download the toolkit in Romanian, you can access it [HERE].

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Who made this?

Teachers and students from the “Boosting HEARts and MInds of youth with Service Learning – HEARMI”
project contributed to the design of the activities and content of this publication, coming from Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Romania: Ardiana Lahu, Asllan Shehu, Belgizare Kryeziu,
Donjeta Zeneli, Drenusha Mustafa, Hana Gazija, Hatixhe Zeka, Haxhere Mehmeti, Ibe Gashi-Demolli,
Imran Aziri-Sejdiju , Kreshnike Ademi, Qëndrim Gashi, Saranda Murturi, Selim Tahiri, Ana Dulau, Dana
Busuioc, Florentina Ghisa, Ioana Mandric, Iolanda Sztrelenczuk, Laszlo Nagy-Imre, Luminița Maria Ilea,
Marioara Butyka, Raluca Petran, Rodica Ionescu, Simina Ionana Bejanaru, Ștefana Mireț, Adnana Ascic
Alma Šahbegović, Azra Musić, Besida Muminović, Đenana Čečo, Đenana Peco, Edina Malkic, Elma
Špago, Emina Musić, Mira Đajo-Begić, Nerma Burek, Suada Karić, Zdenka Ćosanović, Ajla Jadadić, Ajša
Đečević, Katarina Radović and Ljubica Popović.


This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Commission – Capacity
Building in the Field of Youth. The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication
does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the
Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.