Service Learning Network

22 youth workers met in Sarajevo to share their expertise in Service-Learning

During November 28 to December 3, 2022, a study visit was carried out in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted by MIOS.


The participants were teachers from 3 countries: Kosovo, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The topic of the study visit was Service-Learning.


A total of 23 participants had the opportunity to primarily expand their acquaintances, as well as to get acquainted with new cultures and customs.


During the study visit, the participants of the study visit visited the users of the service Dom Sentivo, Ilidža in Sarajevo as well as the schools Gymnasium Mostar and Gymnasium Mostar 2 that implemented Service-Learning projects. The students from schools shared with the participants a presentation of their practices which were discussed with participants, participants exchanged experiences, identified similarities and differences in approaches used in their countries, but also received new ideas and inspiration for application in their work.


Part of the study visit was the creation of a draft manual with tools with steps of implementing Service-Learning projects when working with students, and creating a draft of tools for assessing the development of teacher competencies through the application of Service-Learning methodology and practices. The participants are now working in their countries for the final version of the manual and the tools.